350Z Meet at Red Robin Foster City and Photo Shoot at Treasure Island


Created: 10/17/2004
Last updated: 10/17/2004

My friend Yuichi, owner and founder of Kuruma Z invited me out to a 350Z meet that was to include a photo session at Treasure Island. I didn't count exactly how many 350Zs and G35s were there but there were close to 40 cars or so. Mark and I were the only two to represent the Z32s. It was definitely a day controlled by the new generation Nissans but we had to bring out our cars to represent the predecessors. I am glad that Nissan has not abandoned the sports car market. There were so many cars there that I felt like I was walking a dealer's new car lot.


Mark's awesome 1994 Twin Turbo Convertible.

    A couple of pictures of my pride and joy, a 1995 Twin Turbo.

    Pictures of both of our J-spec Zs. ;-)

    One of many spectators that enjoyed the view of the cars.

Some of the many 350Zs that were parked in the lot next to Red Robins.

    Some of the many 350Z drivers in attendance.

    Yuichi of Kuruma Z and Rob of Z Car Garage presenting their donated raffle prizes and plugging their respective businesses.

    An S-14 I happened to see on 101.

Of course, mother nature knew that we were going to take some pictures so it started pouring rain. We drove in a caravan over to Treasure Island where we parked and began snapping pics. Of course, Mark and I, being the oddballs in Z32s, parked by ourselves so as not to disturb the photo ops.


Pics of all the 350Zs and G35s.

    If you've seen my pictures from the JDM Theory Car show in Japantown, this is that same 350Z with the retrofitted Q45 HID headlights. It look pretty damned awesome, doesn't it?

Well, I tried to set up Mark's TT and my TT to face each other for a cool photo opportunity. Just had some fun with the digicam. Of course, while taking pictures, I was fighting the wind and rain and trying not to get my camera too wet. Couple of the low angle shots came out nice, making our cars look like little RC cars.

    Pictures of all the people in attendance.

    Here's the speed limit at Treasure Island. LOL, of course not, it's supposed to say "10 MPH" but I had some fun with Photoshop.

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