My New J-spec Illuminated Rear Center Panel


Created: 4/10/2005
Last updated: 4/10/2005

How should I start out. Well... Friday, my new Honda Civic Hybrid was hit by someone in a parking lot. Sunday, after leaving Chuck's house, my Z was rear-ended by an off-duty police officer at a traffic light. And.... now..... today, coming back from William's Autobody after getting an estimate on the rear bumper, an idiot ran a stop sign right in front of me and I slammed into his tank. It caused damage to my front fascia which consisted of cracked paint, missing paint chips, and a deep gouge as a result of the collision with his front wheel. My new big brakes saved me from hitting him at a faster speed. I do have a witness and he saw the driver of the Cadillac run the stop sign right in front of me while I was coming down the hill. I was doing about 25 mph when I hit the brakes and probably impacted him around 8-10 mph. The accident took place while I was traveling eastbound on Serramonte Blvd and the Cadillac was attempting to make a left turn onto westbound Serramonte Blvd from northbound Collins Ave. As I was coming down Serramonte Blvd, I saw him pull up to the stop sign. I actually made eye contact with the driver. When I closed within 8-10 feet of that area in front of his stop sign, he abruptly pulled into the street. There was no way that I could have stopped in time. I believe my new brakes prevented me from hitting him at a full 25 mph, which by the way, is the speed limit on my street.

    This is where the accident happened at the corner of Collins and Serramonte Blvd.

    1995 Cadillac Coupe De Ville that caused my accident. His car suffered a badly damaged front wheel and a damaged fender behind the front wheel.

    If you look at my car, the damage isn't readily apparent from a distance except for the surface scratches. There is a deep gouge on the left side of the license plate frame as well as cracked paint here and flex damage from the impact. I hit him square. If I tried to swerve, I would have hit him on the passenger side of my front fascia and probably would have destroyed my passenger side HID headlight and severely damaged the fascia. Great, huh? Right in time for the Motorsport Z Car Nationals in 2 weeks. Well, William, being the miracle worker, will have my car ready to go and all pretty by Friday. Thanks William, you are the man.

I was almost in tears from the accident. I haven't cried in 20 years but I sure felt like doing so today. 3 car accidents in 4 days. That's too much for anyone to handle. I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemies (If I had any). I just couldn't believe that this could happen to me again. Another accident in my Z and it hasn't even been 24 hours since my fender bender the previous night. I just hope that this madness will stop and I will be able to enjoy my Z again without being nervous about taking her out. I only took my Z out to go to William's Autobody and then come back home. What the hell? When all is said and done and I'm back from Motorsport, my Z will go back to the shop for he rear bumper repairs and then my car will probably only be driven once a month or something. I can't get the rear bumper done because the insurance still has to look at it. The guy will pay for the repairs to my front bumper without getting the insurance involved.  I do have all of his information (in case he runs) and I also have a witness with contact information. Somebody out there please say a prayer for me or get me some kind of blessing.



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