Hanging Out With Some Friends at Bone Daddy's

Austin, TX

August 19, 2004

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya

Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya




Created: 8/20/2004
Last updated: 8/20/2004

For my last night in Austin, Rodel, Kuah, Sean, Sam and his girlfriend, Nicole, and two other guys, invited Pablo and myself to hang out. We headed out to Bone Daddy's for dinner, drinks, and some BSing around. They brought their nice Zs and made me feel like I was at home. Austin is an awesome city and I would love to come back here for vacation sometime when I don't have to worry about work. After dinner and some pictures of the Zs, Rodel, Sean, Roger, Pablo, and myself headed out to 6th Street to sample the bars. I have some pictures from that excursion. If you would like to see those, email me and I'll give you the link if I see fit. ;-P

    Bone Daddy's.

The whole Austin Z gang including Rodel, Aurora, Sam and his wife, Nicole, Sean, Doug, and Christopher My buddy Pablo from my work was there with us as well.

    Hmmmm, nipple twisting. Is that a tradition in Austin? LOL. Chris and Doug, I just don't know about you guys.

    Picture of Kelly and myself. She was a very sweet and helpful server. ;-) Just look at that smile.

    Nicole's sharp 350Z.

    Sam's quick TT.

    Track TT owned by Christopher.

    Rodel's monster TT. It was a very fast and a very clean machine.

    TT owned by _______. Sorry, I forgot your name. Send me an email and I'll fix it.

    Nicole striking a pose in front of her 350Z.

    Of course, I had to get a picture with the gorgeous Nicole.

    I tried to capture pictures of the lightning storm, but I don't think that I succeeded.

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