My Z's Damage resulting from an accident today


Created: 12/20/2004
Last updated: 12/20/2004

Here's some pictures from my car accident today. Some @#$$#@$% chick tried to cut into my lane while I was exiting from 580 West to 680 South. She realized that she didn't have enough room and stopped in her lane to try to get into mine. A big rig was unable to stop in time and plowed into her rear end. Her late model Ford Taurus was utterly destroyed. Her trunk was completely squished and became part of the back seat. There were 5 passengers in the car and at least 2 went to the hospital in the ambulance. I am beyond pissed. Stupid drivers like that shouldn't be allowed to drive. Her incompetence, lack of driving skill, and poor judgment resulted in damage to my car, back and wrist injury to me, and  damage to my poor baby.

Well, here's some pictures of the damage to my car. There's damage from my driver's side door all the way back to the rear bumper. I will need a new door for sure and repair and new paint of course. I guess I'll repaint my front fascia which is riddled with rock damage and also my hood. I will make sure that their insurance will only give me Nissan genuine parts as my car will be going to my friend's shop.



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