My Z is Back Home


Created: 3/18/2005
Last updated: 3/18/2005

Here's some pictures of my car after I picked her up from the body shop. The engine bay was filthy because of all of the dust, paint, and overspray. I had a lot of time and elbow grease ahead of me to make my engine bay shine once again.

    Just look at all of the dust and dirt that I had to contend with. My engine bay looked terrible.

    That's more like it. After several hours of scrubbing, polishing, and cleaning with microfiber towels, quick detailer, chrome polish, and the air gun, I was able to make my engine bay sparkle again. I'll have some exterior pics of my car soon. It's raining outside so I'll wait until it's clear and sunny outside to take some exterior pics.


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