After Getting My Z From the Body Shop Again


Created: 4/14/2005
Last updated: 4/14/2005

Well, I just got my car back from William's Autobody again after the last accident on Monday. I am so happy to have her back and of course, after I got into my car, I drove her back home as quickly and safely as possible. She's in the garage and she's gonna stay in there till I get the Llumar invisibra installed on Saturday. Here's some pics that I took.


    Since my car was back in for paint, I decided to shave off the license plate frame. Since I live in San Francisco and front plate tickets are often given for violators, I needed to make sure that I could mount a front plate if need be. I suggested to William to have mounting holes mounted out of sight. Here you can see that he's shaved the plate, used urethane filling compound, and has begun to sand it smooth.

    Here is the license plate mount that was shaved off.

Some pics of the front end after just 3 days of work. It's amazing what kind of work William can do. It's a quick and efficient job but one that was performed without shortcuts. Simply awesome.

    Daytime pictures of my new J-spec illuminated center panel. It lights up in a blue indiglo shade.

Having fun with the digicam.

    Well, some peeps were giving me grief for leaving the Porsche emblem on the Brembo calipers... so I improvised. What do you think?

    Some pictures of my sister's 2005 G35 coupe with the sport package. Ya gotta love those Brembo brakes.

I took some artistic license and tried some different camera angles with both cars...

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