A Get Together with a Bunch of Z Owners


Created: 4/17/2005
Last updated: 4/17/2005

Well, there's a group of Z owners that started a Club. It's called Bayza or Bay Area Z Association. They had a get-together in the parking lot at Serramonte Center, Daly City, California. Lots of Zs were in attendance.


    Old School meets New School.

    Some of us meeting up and having lunch at Mickey D's before we head out to Serramonte.

My TT hanging out with David's 240Z.

    Joel's bad ass TT.

    Robbie's clean TT.

    David's SR20DET powered 240Z.

    Chester's VG powered 240Z

    Anthony's turbocharged 240SX.

    John's TT that used to be owned by my friend Andy.

Rob and Donna's R-34 Skyline GTR

    Donna's twin turbocharged 350Z.

    A veritable cornucopia of Zs and G-35s.

    Some group shots.

Joel's J-spec TT with my J-spec TT. I was just having some fun with camera angles and stuff.



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