Birthday Dinner October 6, 2001

Photo Gallery by Joseph Keawkalaya


October 6, 2001. This was a special day because this was my real birthday but we also celebrated my Grandmother's Birthday (Ching Kwan Lee Yung) and my mom's friend's daughter (Jessica Wong). Here are some pictures from the special dinner at the Flower Lounge on Geary Blvd. San Francisco. Warning, at the request of my family, they wanted me to leave these pictures LARGE SIZED, so dialup beware.


    Grandmother and Ivy               

     Jessica, Monica, and Rebecca               

    Grover, Aisong, and yours truly

    Grover stuffing his face, Aisong, Jenny, her daughter, and me.

    My Mom and Grover.

    My Dad, me, and Farbod.

    Smile Jessica, it's your birthday too.

    Jenny and her daughter.

    Uncle Patrick, my Dad, and Bernard.


Some more miscellaneous pictures. My extended family. Yeah, we have large families, I don't even want to begin to name everyone.


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