ND Auto Care's Project 240Z


    The goal for this project was to take the 240Z and instead of restoring it to stock OEM look and specifications, Chester decided to incorporate some tasteful modifications, both in appearance and performance. There are just too many restored "stock" looking 240Zs out there so Chester set about changing some things, not the least of which was transplanting a Z31 VG30E normally aspirated engine and transmission into the car. After rebuilding the motor, he decided to mount the intake manifold from a 1992 Pathfinder which has longer intake port runners for more torque. That and the other requisite work from rebuilding the motor would make for a powerful engine that would compliment the low weight of the 240Z.


    Intake manifold from a 1992 Pathfinder motor.

    RS Akimoto Air Filter.

    Coolant overflow bottle.

    VG30E pictures.

    Racing Fuel Cell with Earl's fittings and lines.

    Exhaust system exiting on the sides of the car.

    Custom Centerline wheels with Z-rated Bridgestone tires.

    Shots of the front of the car. You can tell this is only a daytime driver.

    Shots of the rear.

    Beautiful Custom Blue paint job.

    Having fun with lights and shadows.

    Interior shots of the car.

    Exterior daytime shots.

    Interior daytime shots.

    Engine daytime shots.



1972 240Z

*Engine: rebuilt Z31 VG30E
*1992 Nissan Pathfinder intake manifold (has longer intake port runners, for more torque).
*Racing Akimoto Funnel ram air filter unit.
*240sx Throttle Body.
*Ported cylinder heads and radius valves & seats.
*Jim Wolf billet Cams.
*MSD ignition.
*280ZXT external Bosch fuel pump, with Car Tech
*Adjustable fuel riser unit.
*Racing fuel cell with Earls fittings & braided lines.
*Dual exhaust, turbo mufflers, and side exit pipes.
*Drive train: Center force dual friction clutch, 3lbs lighter than stock flywheel.
*Z31 5 speed transmission.
*Shorten fabricated new drive shaft unit.
*R 200 diff with 3:90 gears.
*Custom Centerline wheels,with Bridgestones Z rated.
*Body: 1972 240Z Blue paint with slight custom color.
*Tenzo R racing seats, with 4 point harness.

*Paint & Body work done by:   

    1001 S.RAILROAD AVE.
    SAN MATEO CA.(650)572-1800

*Engine work and installation done by:

    ND Auto Care Inc
    412 2nd Avenue
    San Mateo, CA 94401
    (650) 579-7262


Updated 6/24/02

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