Stainless Steel Hardware Install

June 6, 2004



Created: 6/6/2004
Last updated: 6/6/2004

I was looking to spruce up my engine bay a bit. I really want to polish or chrome my intake plenum but I won't pull the plenum off until i am ready to install upgraded injectors. Then, along with changing out vacuum lines, fuel lines, gaskets, and injectors, I can take care of dressing up the plenum. I ordered a set of stainless steel allen screws, bolts, and washers from Creative Z. This kit really sets off the engine bay IMHO. I really wish I had a shiny plenum but I'll have to wait patiently. Anyone wanna give me a set of Nismo 555cc injectors and HKS 2530BB turbos? ;-P


What the engine bay looks like without the stainless steel items.

This is what everything looks like after I changed out the stuff. It's a big difference IMHO.


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