Club Z / ZONC Brisbane Marina Show

Brisbane, CA

October 23, 2005

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya

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Created: 10/23/2005
Last updated: 10/23/2005

Club Z and ZONC were invited to display cars in the Brisbane Marina Festival. There were vendor booths for arts and crafts, a "taste of Brisbane" which offered some food from restaurants in Brisbane, live Jazz music, and a show and shine for classic American cars and Nissan / Datsun cars. It was a nice turnout as we had members from Club Z and ZONC park in reserved spots.

Here are some pictures of classic American cars

The weapon of choice for CHP officers. This Camaro has a beefed up suspension, transmission, cooling system, electrical system, and most importantly, the stock V8 powerplant has been swapped out for a complete Corvette motor and drivetrain.

    A Porsche 911

240, 260, 280 Zs and ZXs

Rob's Lime green RB25DET powered 240Z.

    David's SR20DET powered 240Z.


    Chester's VG-powered 240Z.

    William's Scarab 240Z.




    Chuck and Marty's NA.

Chuck and Marty's TT.

    Kelo's Convertible TT.

    Another Z32.

    Robbie's TT.

    John's, owner of Exact Motorsports, monster TT.

    My TT.




    Ashley's 350Z convertible.



    Jason's G35.

    Where Doggie Diner heads go to spend the rest of their lives. Cool place for William and his daughter to hang out.

    William and his daughter.

    Future Club  Z member.

    Uncle Chuck babysitting Jaynette.

    Chuck's a pro at babysitting, isn't he?

    Wake up Jose.

    Marty and Tara.

    Some miscellaneous group pics.


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