CruiZing Around with Some Friends


Created: 4/11/2004
Last updated: 4/12/2004

Well, a couple of us wanted to take our cars out for some canyon carving and enjoyment of the beautiful scenery far away from civilization. Dale, Glenn, Robbie, and myself decided to head out from San Jose, up Highway 9, through Woodside road, and then up Highway 1 to Joe's Restaurant for lunch. After lunch, we headed through Half Moon Bay and shot through Highway 92 and then back onto Woodside Road to Highway 280 for the trip back to Glenn's house. When I asked Dale whether he was going to bring out the TT or the TT, he decided to bring out the TT... the Porsche 911 Twin Turbo. It must be nice to be able to choose between a Z32 TT and a 911 TT. Glenn brought his beautiful charcoal gray Z and Robbie decided to ride with me in my J-spec Z. ;-)

    Found a Cobra parked on the side. Couldn't really see if it was a real one or a kit car.

    Nice picture of Dale's 911 in action.

    Some action shots starring Glenn.

After a bit of driving, we pulled into a rest area to take in the breathtaking views of the valley below. We were above the fog here.

    Simply spectacular.

    My J-spec 1995 TT of course.

Glenn's awesome TT.

Dale's 400+ HP 911 TT. Check out his new wheels. I think they cost more than my car.

Soaking up the sun and enjoying the sun above the fog below.

    We were going the speed limit... honest!

    If you ever wondered what my NAVI looks like when operating. You can see my chrome gauge rings and hmmm, my speedo. It's the speed limit, right?

    Some miscellaneous scenery shots and such.

    In Woodside, the Easter Bunny was camped out at the stop sign to make sure no one ran the stop sign. Must have been an undercover Easter Bunny. LOL.


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