Carmel Valley Ranch, Carmel, CA


Created: 11/04/2004
Last updated: 11/04/2004

I was at the Carmel Valley Ranch in Carmel, CA for work. This was a nice place to stay as the cheapest hotel room is $185 per night and the most expensive ones are upwards of $500 per night. I had a jacuzzi, sauna, fireplace, and deck in addition to a mini bar.


    Pictures of my huge bathroom. You can see the Jacuzzi, the shower stall/sauna. The control panel turns on the sauna function of my shower.

    This is my bedroom with the nice fireplace.

    Front door with mini bar.

    Large walk in closet.

    My patio.

    Some cool pics of the surroundings.

Pictures of my car of course. ;-)


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