Hanging out at the Carmel Valley Ranch

Carmel, CA

November 22, 2004

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya



Created: 11/24/2004
Last updated: 11/24/2004

Some pictures of the beautiful scenery and part of the golf course as seen from my deck.

    Pictures of the golf course.

    Here's one of the places to tee off. It's cut into the mountainside.

    Breathtaking views of the Carmel Valley and the surrounding mountains.

Check out my baby. She definitely froze last night. I think this is one of the few times that it wasn't parked in my garage. She was parked in the parking lot. Look at the cool ice crystals on my car.

In honor of Thanksgiving Day, I had to take a picture of some of the indigenous life out here. I bumped into a family of turkeys. ;-) They seemed to like the attention and camera time. It seems like on cue, they jumped onto the fence and posed for my digicam. Nice when turkeys behave, huh? I thought they might run away from me, seeing it was almost Thanksgiving. Hell, if I were a turkey, I'd be running for dear life.

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