Installation of Midori A-arms and

Nismo rear A-arms.


yle and his partner staged an open house at their new facility in San Jose. Lots of Nissan 350Zs, Nissan 300ZX TTs, Infinit G35s, and Subarus showed up.



    The Midori links are at the top of the picture and the Nismo rear arms are on the bottom.

    Close up of the Midori arms. They are easily adjustable with the wheels on the car. You unlock the allen screws and then you can spin the center cylinder to adjust the camber. When you are done, you just lock down the allens. They are definitely better designed than the Stillen/Nismo front A-arms.

    The rear Nismo A-arms are easily adjustable on the car as well. You just unlock the center locknut and you can spin the cylindrical piece to adjust the camber.

    The stock front arms. I had to replace these guys anyways because the bushings were worn out and there was way too much freeplay. This is very dangerous when you are cornering or driving at a high rate of speed. Of course, I don't speed or hang turns all the time... ;-) There is a good view of my Ground Control fully adjustable coilovers with stock Nissan adjustable shocks.

    The stock rear arms. These bushings were also worn out and needed to be replaced. You can also see my adjustable coilover setup.

    The Midori arms installed. Very cool looking indeed.

    A picture of the rear Nismo A-arms side by side with the stock A-arm.

    One of the reasons I needed the adjustable camber kits. Take a look at the uneven tire wear and the steel belts. This was an accident waiting to happen. Thankfully, I have since replaced these tires with brand new Yokohama AVS-ES-100s. They are awesome tires.

Pictures of a client's 350Z with a newly installed Stillen CARB-legal supercharger kit. If you would like to see a cool video of this bad boy running: and click on the 350Z video.

Once again, Chester Joe and his team at ND Auto have done an awesome job with my car as they are the only ones to service my car since I bought it new in 1995. Check out his link on my homepage for more information. You won't find a better shop anywhere else. (shameless plug).

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