Cars and Coffee SoCal June 20, 2010


Created: 06/20/2010
Last updated: 08/10/2010

Glenn, Kevin, Jose, and myself drove down to SoCal to hang out at the Cars and Coffee that is located in the headquarters parking lot of Mazda North America. People usually get here around 6:00 AM to stake out a good parking space and leave by 10:00 AM or so. It was nice to see such a large turnout of cars, especially the $$$$ exotics and $$$$ modified cars.

   Ferrari F40. This was my dreamcar while I was growing up.

   Ferrari Daytona.

   Lamborghini Murcielago with an exclusive Gucci interior and exterior. The owner stated that he paid over $30,000.00 for it. What else do you do when you are loaded?

   Lamborghini Gallardo.

   Mercedes SL65 Black Edition.

   Porsche GT3 RS.

   Another Porsche GT3 RS.


   Ford GT-40.


   GMC Syclone. Another childhood favorite of mine.

   Volkswagen Vanagon that has been chopped and a Subaru SVX flat 6 motor dropped in the engine compartment.

   A Boss Mustang.

   Alfa Romeo.

   A Mazda RX-7 convertible with a Racing Beat California Nose Kit. I always wanted this nose kit for my Turbo II. Memories...

   Three-wheeled T-Rex.

   Modified BMW M3 made to look like a stealth fighter or something.

   Toyota Supra.

   Toyota Yaris.

   Saturn Astra.

   Old school Volkswagen. Awesome paintjob.

   Remember this? It's a Merkur XR4Ti.

   Mustang Cobra.

   Red 300ZX TT.

   White 300ZX TT.

   Nice 240Z.

   Kevin's deep purple 300ZX TT beast.

   My TT.

   Glenn's TT.

   Just cheesin' after everyone left.

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