Club Z BBQ

Milpitas, CA

August 15, 2004

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya



Created: 8/15/2004
Last updated: 8/15/2004

Today, was Club Z's annual BBQ. There was a great turnout of current members and new members, friends, and family. Thanks go out to the people who organized the event:

Glenn, Tasha, Mike, Dale, Amir, Robbie, Dan, Bill, and myself. Mike went crazy at Costco and bought enough food to feed a small army. Marinated tri-tips, chicken breasts, salmon, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, and other snacks and drinks were in abundance. Good food, good times, and beautiful cars were all present and accounted for. Not only were there cars to look at, good food to stuff your face with, and good socializing, but many Club Z sponsors and friends donated various items to be raffled off. As usual, it's a Club Z tradition to fight with the many flying insects including wasps, hornets, and bees during the BBQ. Good times for sure.


1) Yuichi at Kuruma Z donated 2 front window and rear window trim kits.

2) Chester at ND Auto Care donated several free oil service and inspection gift certificates.

3) Rob and Donna at Z Car Garage donated a complete J-spec rear taillight kit and several gift certificates.

4) Glenn donated 2 sets of Porsche brake caliper brackets and hats, a Z32 book, and the Carlos Ghosn book..

5) Club Z donated a free track day certificate for a future Thunderhill Raceway event.

6) Amir donated a Carlos Ghosn book and another Nissan book.

7) Paul donated a brand new Nissan euro radiator for a TT.

8) John at Exact Motorsports donated several high dollar gift certificates.

9) Speedring donated two sprint certificates.

10) Club Z donated 2 350Z press packages.


    Some of the members manning the raffle canopy. Look at all those raffle prizes.

    Sue and Mike hard at work manning the BBQ grill.

    Paul, Adrienne, and JT.

    Dan and his daughter.

    Robbie and Salah hamming it up for the camera.

    Dark picture of Jon.

    Ron, Chester, Raquel, and Wayne with his best friend.

    Dark picture of, wait, it can't be... yes, it's Terence. He's one of the founding members of Club Z. Is it true? Did he really make it out to a Club Z event? I need to pinch myself to make sure it's not a dream. Glad you were able to come by Terence.

    Yuichi, owner of Kuruma Z.

    Tasha, who helped to organize the raffle tickets and take care of any and all membership issues.

    Random group shots.

    It's that infamous severed head again. How the heck did he get into the picture?

    Dennis, Terence, and Kevin sharing an OG moment.

    Nice wide open space to play ball and walk the dog.

    Amir, Andrew, and myself.

    Group shot of all the cars. What more could you ask for when you see a line of Nissan Zs in a row in one location.

    My J-spec TT.

    Amir's TT.

    Nikhil's TT.

    Kevin's TT "Grace"

    Robbie's TT.

    Chuck's NA and TT.

    Jon's TT.

    Terence's TT. The dirt on his car is still left over from last year's Z's By The Bay. ;-)

    Tasha's TT.

    Dan's TT with Porsche front brakes.

    More Club Z member's Z32s that I don't recognize. Sorry, shoot me an email and I'll add the names to the cars.

    Yuichi's 350Z.

    Glenn's 240SX Silvia.

    The chef himself, Mike, finally able to stuff his face after slaving over the grill for most of the day.


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