Club Z July Social

SF Bay Area, CA

July 10, 2004

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya


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Created: 7/10/2004
Last updated: 7/10/2004

For July, Club Z met at Buck's Restaurant in Woodside, CA for lunch at 11 AM. After lunch, we went on a drive through the mountains over to the go kart ring at Le Mans Karting in Fremont, CA. Thanks to Paul for organizing the event as there was a good turnout. Paul and John Thomas, Nik and wife, Amir, Mitra, Andrew, Jack, Jon, Dan, Mike, Jake and friend, Donna and Rob showed up. Sarah and Lee would join us later at Le Mans Karting. A total of 3 350Zs and 5 Z32s were in attendance. Notice how the 300ZXs that showed up were different shades of red? ;-P

One by one, we started showing up around 11 AM.

    My TT.

    Paul's TT.

    Dan's mint condition TT.

    Nik's TT.

    Jack's 350Z.

Donna's Vortech supercharged 350Z with front mount intercooler, Stillen radiator,  and Stoptech upgraded brakes.

    The crew devouring lunch.

    Mingling around the Zs.

    Some action shots of all the cars on the drive.


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