My New J-spec Illuminated Rear Center Panel


Created: 4/10/2005
Last updated: 4/10/2005

I've been trying for so long to find a 1999 J-spec illuminated center rear panel and thanks to Glenn, I finally have two of them. The only color that I had known about was the indiglo blue one. Glenn was able to find a blue one and a red one. I don't know if the red one was OEM from Nissan but I know that the blue one was. Since these were used, there were some scratches and slight imperfections, but using the Meguiars 2 step plastic cleaning/polishing set, I was able to polish out many of the scratches. So.... onto the pictures.

    Well, here's the required box shot. Yup, this was shipped from Japan. Glenn helped me win these on Yahoo auctions Japan.

    Hmmmm, what's this? The suspense is building.

    Yup, those are J-spec newspapers. LOL.

    Closeup of the red center panel.

    Closeup of the blue center panel.

    Both of my rare and valuable center panels.

    The red one lit up with a 9 volt battery.

    The blue one lit up with a 9 volt battery.

    Here's some pictures of the panel lit up. I think it looks awesome, don't you? There is one more J-spec item that I want but.... I'll keep it a secret until I find it.

    Oh yeah..., so... to put a damper on my day, many of you know that I just got my car back from the body shop after being hit by an uninsured motorist before Christmas, well.... I got rear-ended by someone at a red light. I got hit by an off duty police officer who was busy on the phone. I just can't believe my freaking luck. Why does this crap always seem to happen to me? It's minor damage which will require a repaint. If you look closely, you can see on the left side of the license plate frame where there is a slight gouge, on the right side of the license plate frame, there is a chip of paint missing, and my paint is wrinkled. You can kinda make it out in the last picture.  I will wait until after the Motorsport Z Car Nationals show before I take it into the shop.

The only thing that kept me happy was having the new J-spec rear illuminated center panel. Sheesh. I need to just leave my car in the garage and stare at it I guess.

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