Detail Day at Glenn's House 3/3/02

     Several club members went to Glenn's house to detail Amir's silver NA. It was nice to see everyone chip in to make his car presentable for sale. It will be sad to see this baby go as we all wanted Amir to keep the car. Well, at least he is going to get a TT to take it's place.


    Group picture.

    My car.

    Dan M's new TT he just picked up from Seattle.

    This is the invisible bra that the previous owner applied to the car.

   Otto's newly aquired silver TT, the color that Amir wants.

    Sarah F's Pearlglow Yellow TT.

    Dennis E's car.

    Mike W's Cherry Red Pearl TT which he just sold two weeks after.

    Darryl O's Black TT mega monster with new Central 20 rear strut bar. It dynoes over 540 RWHP.

    Joe C's green TT with roll cage.

NA for Sale

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