Picked up Another Set of Enkei GT-V Wheels


Created: 3/31/2005
Last updated: 3/31/2005

As you may already know, my car rides on a set of Enkei GT-V wheels with 255-40-17 front and 275-35-18 rear. I've always wanted a set of all around 18s but I couldn't afford them till now. Now, I've got a set of wheels for the track and a set for the street. My original set cost me around $3500+ about 7 years ago. If I went with all 18s, they would have run me closer to $4,000. Today, thanks to my friend Otto, there was a set on Craigslist for $650. That's right, $650 for a set of 18s. Just what I was looking for. I couldn't pass that up. They are in pristine condition. One wheel has a slight scratch on the arms... but that can be buffed out with chrome polish.

    18x8 front wheel.

    18x9 rear wheel.

Some more shots of all the wheels. Muahahahaha, 2 sets of GT-Vs... ya gotta love it. They come with some lower quality tires, but, at least there's a lot of tread left on them.

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