Drags at Famoso Raceway Dec 1, 2001


Special thanks to Steven Long, Mark Leader, and anyone else I forgot to mention for organizing this event. This was a fun filled day with over 25+ Zs. There was an insanely fast yet clean Z31, a couple of Ford Lightning trucks, a WRX, about 8 Supras, several Camaros, Mustangs, Vipers, older muscle cars, and other miscellaneous cars. I personally had 12 runs total. It was well worth the money. Open racing for most of the day with a bracket racing event near the end of the day. Yours truly, placed third place in the 13.0 ET and higher bracket. =) With admission, we got lunch and a chance to see all kinds of awesome Zs in varying stages of tune. The only thing that annoyed me was how slippery the track was. I had no traction whatsoever with my street tires. I know it would have been better with slicks, but many people agreed that the track was slippery and possibly, not well prepped.


    Kevin and I arrived at about 6:45 AM in the morning. One by one, everyone started to show up.

    One by one, everyone started to show up.

    What can I say but truly Impressive Z31

   My car, resting.

   SeedyRom's work of art.

    Mike Mehnert's 1996 flame throwing TT.

    Chris' TT which he was not willing to race.


    Some more cars waiting to jump into the staging lanes.

    Cars waiting in the staging lanes.

    The three red Zs in this picture survived to the semifinals with 5 cars left in the field for the Bracket contest.

    Some pictures of the track.


It was nice to meet all the people at the track and hang out. Several of us braved the inclement weather and drove down to Bakersfield to attend this event.  My best time was only a 13.890 with 325 RWHP. I was disappointed to say the least. With lessons learned, maybe I'll be able to get a faster ET next time.

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