Club Z's February Social Meet
February 9, 2003

Hiller Aviation Museum

Written by Tasha Stamps
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya


Created: 3/29/2003
Last updated: 4/09/2003

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    Club Z at the Hiller Aviation Museum happened on a chilly but clear Sunday afternoon in San Carlos. The group included Dan M., Paul C, Adrienne and John Thomas, Tasha S. and Anton, Joe K., James M., Eric P., Mark H., Steve B. and Ron H. It was a pretty busy day at the Hiller as there was a science fair going on and another car club showed up as well. Our tour guide showed us around some of the more “interesting” ideas in the pioneer age of flight. Some of the early man-powered machines looked like those old Rube-Goldberg cartoons, but where would air travel be without trial and error? I guess we’d all have to drive everywhere in our cars….It was quite the speedy tour as we constantly being told to move along, but our guide had some great stories about not only the planes themselves but also the history of the museum and how they came by the vintage flying machines and unique pieces. As we headed outside to see the full scale, 70’s era Boeing 747 cockpit, what should we happen upon except a huge line of Plymouth Prowlers! Their club had also chosen the Hiller for their outing and what an entrance! At least 20 Prowlers pulled into a circle at the back of the museum for a picture. Needless to say, the 747 exhibit got stale pretty quickly as we checked out the impressive display of American muscle. There was a comment of “don’t let the Z people see this” but somehow, I just don’t think there was going to be any static…we hadn’t even had lunch yet! Lunch was at Houlihan’s, a mercifully short walk away from the museum. Afterwards, a few of us headed back to the museum to get a better look at some of the displays. A quick trip through the gift shop and we headed home. All in all, a fun and informative day!

    Some Z32s in attendance.

    Two 350Zs that were in attendance.


    We were allowed into the cockpit of a normally closed 737 exhibit inside the museum, although Anton didn't seem too happy about it.

    They had a full cockpit and top deck of a 747 donated by United Airlines. Definitely one of the cool exhibits at the museum.

    Posters of the latest 777 electronic cockpit


    Some of the cool exhibits inside the museum. Sorry for the quality of the pictures. Joe's camera was taking its last breath. Be assured, as he has a new digicam to terrorize the world with.

    Our own Blue Angels. Heaven forbid these guys are let loose behind a real Hornet.

    Lunch at Houlihans with the gang.

    20 Prowlers that showed up in the rear parking lot for a gathering.


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