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Club Z's February Social Meet
February 9, 2002

Lunch at El Torito in San Leandro

Written by Amir Arani
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya


Created: 2/13/2002
Last updated: 2/13/2002

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    Well Folks, our February social was a success. We had a pretty good turn out. I arrived close to 11:00 and as usual Joe K. and Jose and Benson were
already there. Slowly more people came. Dan M. and his lovely wife and daughter, David O., Salah (who is still Z less) got a ride from Bruce C.,
Rory M., Stephan H., and his beautiful girl friend, Sarah F., Joe K., Eric P., Roy T., James M. and later we were joined by Tom W. , Kevin "Big Daddy" N.,
Dennis E.

 and Yuichi from ZDriver.com suppose to show up, but Kyle's daughter got sick and Kyle feeling sympathetic, got sick too. But from what I heard his
sickness was alcohol related. ;-)

We had some first timers at our social, Eric P. who had just ordered a new 350Z, James M. who had a close encounter with a Durango.

 We talked outside for while. Stephen and his girl friend showed up in his Maxima. He said that his car had some leaking issues that he needed to take care
of before he could show it off. They were hungry and couldn't wait, so they went inside to eat. That was the last time I saw them.

After some nice Mexican food, we headed outside for some more Z chat. While we were chatting Todd "CaptanZ", Chris J. and Joe R. showed up... Boy,
Joe, put some paint on that baby soon ;-P


After some lengthy Z talk people started heading home. I left at 3:30 and people were still talking Z...

Looking forward to Feb 22nd Track Day at Thunderhill were we can see some Z's in action.

Watch your email in box for details about our March Social.

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