New Yokohama AVS ES-100 tires.


Created: 10/14/2004
Last updated: 10/14/2004

I need to thank Luke at Tire Rack. As usual, they carry great performance tires for a very competitive price. Every time that I have ordered from Tire Rack (4 times in the past), I have gotten my tires the next day. This is no different. I ordered 9 AM and received the tires next day from UPS. It's nice that Tire Rack has a warehouse in Reno, Nevada and I live in San Francisco. 

    Look what UPS shipped today from Tire Rack! My baby's got some new shoes ;-). Yokohama AVS ES-100s.

    This is why I needed new tires. No... they are not racing slicks. They are all chewed up. Look at the wear on those tires. Scary driving on the freeway because the rear tires follow grooves, lines, and other imperfections while driving. It was very tail happy. It was way too easy to break the rear tires loose. She's going into the shop tomorrow for mounting and balancing of the new tires and also a 4 wheel alignment. Stupid potholes in San Francisco threw my alignment off kilter.

    Random pics of my car in the garage after a bath.

    Some more pictures of my stock aluminum, custom fabbed vented hood.

    Of course, let's not forget the special limited edition Noobie sticker. ;-)

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