Detail Day at Glenn's House 6/15/02

In preparation of the upcoming car show at Blackhawk with Mr. K and the new 350Z in attendance, Glenn was nice enough to host another detail day. This time, it was for Kevin. Last week, we detailed my car. Gotta get our machines ready so that Mr. K will sign it, right?

    The above pictures are from detailing Kevin's engine bay. The thing was absolutely filthy when we popped the engine bay. Glenn was shocked to see how it looked. But, with some Motul engine wash, scrubbing from Amir, Alex, Chris, Glenn, and Kevin, the car came out beautifully. The process was relatively easy if you don't count the scrubbing. First you start with a cool engine bay of course. Then you cover with plastic bags, anything electrical that could be harmed by this process, fuse box, HID ballasts, BOVs, etc.  Then you begin spraying on the Motul Engine Wash that can be purchased at any motorcycle parts store. Take some toothbrush sized brushes, not too abrasive and start scrubbing anything and everything that is dirty. Glenn has a special air-powered spray gun that sucks warm water out of a bucket and directs it where it is needed. Be careful where you are spraying. After repeating the process over and over until clean, let it dry and start the car to make sure all goes well. Shut off the motor and then top it off with some Motul Silicon dressing. This stuff is cool. It smells like orange. The results were awesome.

    I don't know what to make of this. I brought my TT RC car, and Otto brought his two Skylines. I think he wanted to show me up. I asked for a race, but his motor wasn't installed yet. I think that was an excuse. LOL.

    This is Salah's newly acquired TT with the HKS Hyper exhaust that was just installed. He was over to prep his car for an autocross the next day and also for a track event at Thunderhill the next weekend. He installed some Greg Dupree subframe bushings, replaced a TPS screw that had broken off and also readjusted it, bled the brakes and added fresh fluid, readjusted the HKS Hyper mounts, and also installed a Sparco racing seat on the driver's side and replaced the stock wheels with a set of CCWs that Glenn's so generously let Salah borrow.

    George and Salah extracting the broken TPS screw.

    Installing the Dupree subframe bushings.

    Before CCW wheels....

    After installing the CCW wheels.

    Sarah's Pearlglow TT.

    George's NA.

    Otto's 1990 TT.

    Robbie's TT.

    Mr. Clean himself, Glenn, showing why he is "Detailing King."

    Kevin bonding with his car "Grace" and at the same time being camera shy.

    Glenn's friend. Sorry forgot his name. But, he was there to wash and detail his car too.

    I am the consultant of the day.

    All the cars in attendance.


    Otto's friends Civic SI. It's got a wild stereo system, interior, and engine modifications. I would love to have this as a daily driver.


    Highway 101. At least my camera shows the rims in all it's glory. Unlike Chris' camera which warped my rims.

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