Lazy Sunday Afternoon CruiZe

SF Bay Area

July 4, 2004

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya


Created: 6/17/2004
Last updated: 6/17/2004

For a lazy Sunday, Andy, Dale, Darryl, Robbie, and I decided to take a nice drive through the mountains and grab an early lunch at the "Haunted" Moss Beach Distillery.

    Andy's Twin Turbo 911 Pork Chop... errr... I mean Porsche. ;-)

    Darryl's Twin Turbo Supra. He thinks his car is a sleeper for some reason. ;-)

Action shots of the cars driving through the mountains.

Pictures taken by Robbie inside Dale's Silver Twin Turbo 911 beast.

    Dale's Silver Twin Turbo 911.

    More pictures of Andy's TT.

    Darryl's car and my car side by side.

    More pics of Darryl's Supra.

    Engine bay of Dale's 911 Twin Turbo.

    Engine and intercooler of Andy's 911 Twin Turbo.


You think your car has big exhaust pipes, think again. Check out those polished babies on this big rig.

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