Beautiful Day at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company


    Pictures from our cruise to Half Moon Bay.

    These are the various members who attended our social meet at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company.

    My 1995 TT with new vented hood. =)

    Bernie's incredible monster 1990 TT. He also has the prototype vented hood. =)

    Group shots of our cars.

    Robby's 1993 TT.

    Matt's white TT and Bruce's charcoal grey TT.

    Otto's Silver TT and Robby's charcoal grey TT.

    David's 240SX and Roy's charcoal grey NA.

    Tom, Matt, and Paul.

    Bernie, Chester, and David.

    Matt's 1992 pearl white TT.

    Jay's white TT.

    Paul's 1994 Ultra Red NA. This awesome machine is for sale too. We had a volunteer model in front of his car too =).

    Justin's clean and shiny black 1996 TT.

    Sarah's 1991 pearl yellow TT

    Tom's 1991 pearl yelllow TT.

    Carl's lightened blue track NA. He removed extra weight to make this a rocket.


    These are pictures from Highway 1 near Pacifica For anyone looking for a place to drive, this is it.

    Couldn't resist taking a picture of this riced out Acura TL. Gotta love that rear spoiler.

    Twin turbo Porsche parked in front of Macy's Union Square.

    Some pictures of our beloved Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the world, and pride and joy of San Francisco.

More Pictures from the Event

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