Hot August Nights

Reno, Nevada

August 6, 2005




Created: 8/6/2005
Last updated: 8/11/2005

Here's some more pictures from the show.

    Check out those velocity stacks.

    She wanted to pose with her car, so several of us obliged her.

    Look at the size of those rear tires.

    This is Howdy Doody's Rig.

    I love the way those massive tires are tucked inside the fenders.

    Another genuine Shelby Cobra.

    Flame on Baby!!!

    This car lost the battle to the plasma torch.

    Some shots of my hotel from the outside and from the inside.

    Just loaded onto the trailer and ready to be driven home.

    This guy is a trooper. He's driving his hot rod home.

    Gotta love that paint job.

    This must be the personal, one man trailer.


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