February 7, 2004

Import Motion

Cal Expo Center

Sacramento, California

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya



Created: 2/7/2004
Last updated: 2/7/2004

The following are some of the winners that I can remember. If the information is incorrect, please shoot me an email and I'll fix it.

Best JDM car winner

Best Mazda and Best Engine Bay winner

Best Nissan and Best ICE (In Car Entertainment) Winner

Best Graphics (In case you're wondering, it's a Veilside kit for the 350Z)


    Guess what she was selling. She was selling the mini-mini shorts. Hmmmm, I'm gonna leave that one alone. A picture speaks louder than words.

Another spokesmodel. I wish I had more pictures of her.

Another pretty model. I don't know about the other people here but it was very cold at the show.

She is one of the models at Import Motion who handed out the rewards at the end of the show. More pictures of her later on. ;-)

Another one of the models from the Asian model booth.

She was a cutie. She actually motioned to me to come over and take pictures of her. She is so photogenic. ;-)

    Asia Diva booth.

These are pictures from the bikini contest. If you are offended by these pictures, you know what to do, just hit back on your browser and you won't see the offensive pictures anymore. View at your own risk. Sorry for the blurriness of the pictures but it was dark and I was standing up in the nose bleed section.

These are pictures of the Import Motion's models who handed out the trophy. Hmmm, are you wondering why I have so many pictures of the Asian model?


Tearing down our displays and getting ready to leave. Our room was nice because we were set up in an all-JDM room.

You can see my "Mini Z" RC car parked in front of the real deal. You can also see the brightness of my new 1999 J-spec HID headlights. When you are bored at a show, what do you do? You fire up the RC car and wow the crowd of course. ;-)

Before driving to and from Sacramento from San Francisco, I used painter's tape for the mirrors and front fascia so I can keep off those nasty rocks and debris from damaging the finish. I don't have a J-spec fascia bra or am not aware of any that were made.

I would like to thank Dave at D2 Motorsports in Auburn, California who invited Chester and myself to participate. He set up the all JDM only room and we were right next to the stage. It was a really nice room that was not cramped and did not have loud stereos blaring constantly. The other rooms would get tiresome very quickly. As I said before, getting all the compliments from the spectators was worth more than any trophy. Thanks to all of you who came by and said hi.

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