October 11, 2003

Import Revolution

San Mateo Expo Center

San Mateo, California

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya

Created: 10/10/2003
Last updated: 10/10/2003



Below are some shots that we took while waiting at ND Auto Care. We knew it was going to be a long day ahead, so much time was spent for last-minute tweaking. Jason, of course, waited until the very last minute to wash and dry his 240 SX.



My car with it's hardly ever clean engine compartment. Much of the cleanliness was due to the advice given to me by Glenn, Kevin, Chris, and Chester. Just some enhancements here and there just to make it presentable but not too busy.

Jason's project 240SX after he finally washed and dried the car. It has the stock KA motor but that will be pulled for a new JDM motor. Stay tuned as I can't divulge any more information. I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you. ;-P

    David's SR20DET powered 240Z. My favorite color of course.

    Chester's VG31-powered 240Z. This car has to be seen in person to appreciate it's beauty.

    Of course, everyone should know Chester's 10-second drag car, with Spiderman on the side. This bad boy is powered by a Turbonetics T6 turbocharger. When fired up, it sounds more like a V-8 than a V-6.

    Anthony's turbocharged 240SX with JDM headlights and front fascia. Check out the massive front mount intercooler.

    What can I say, I would need a page or two just to describe Kevin's (aka Big Daddy) ultra sweet and ultra fast SR20DET powered 510. Kevin's car is exactly how I want to set up my 510. Wait until I post pics of his new and improved engine compartment. It will blow you away. Shhhh... don't give Kev too much praise, his head will just swell up and then he won't be able to fit it into his car.

    Glenn's awesome Silvia conversion. Also powered by an SR20DET, it's got a massive HKS 3037 Ball Bearing turbo with front mount intercooler. Yet another awesome project car that would take too many pages to post all of his handiwork. If there were one car that I could pick to have as my very own, it would be this bad boy.

    Chris' always cool, show-winning Blue TT. Mr. Bling Bling himself, it is the envy of a lot of people. It is definitely going to garner some show points.

    Don't piss off Pepper, or he might steal your french fries-- inside joke. ;-)

    Some miscellaneous pics of our entire group waiting to be registered and allowed to enter Oak Hall. We have 3 300ZX Twin Turbos, 2 240Zs, 2 240SXs, 1 Silvia, 1 510, 1 350Z, and 1 Z31 drag car.

Cool looking Toyota Celica GT-S that was there at the same time as us. He drove all the way down from Sacramento, that is why he has painter's tape on his front fascia. It had a very well-executed yellow paint job that glistens in the sunlight.

    A cool Mini Cooper.

    Some other miscellaneous cars.

    Anthony and his girlfriend exhibiting their shyness towards the camera.


Some more pictures of our cars waiting in a second line to get in.

    This is the hall where we will set up. There are cars lining the walls of this room but we have the entire center of the room for our cars.


All-in-all, it was a very long day. My day started at 8 AM where I had 3 hours of sleep the night before because I was detailing like mad. We arrived at the Expo Center around 12:30 PM and waited until 2:00 PM before registration, 3:15 to wait in a second line for security checks, and then a third and final line to finally be allowed into Oak Hall. Some of us were able to go in after a short time in the last line but because we were situated in the center, we had to wait to allow the cars on the wall to pull in. I did not pull my car into the hall until about 7 PM. Last minute cleaning until 8 PM and in all, I spent 12 hours just to get the car into the show. Oh well, when I get back to the center at 1 PM, I'll have to set up a display and then do some last minute touches on the interior. Let me see if I can get some sleep before the show... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz.........


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