Llumar Invisibra Install


Created: 4/17/2005
Last updated: 4/17/2005

After geting my car back fro the shop, I had to get the invisible armor installed. I chose the Llumar brand instead of the 3M brand because of it's excellent transparent properties. I have seen the 3M invisibra installed and you can see ripples and it just looks unnatural. The Llumar, on the other hand, lets the paint's beauty through virtually unmasked.

    Before installing the Llumar invisible armor.

    What the car looks like after installing the Llumar.

    Having fun with the digicam yet again.

This is the paint and body guru's shop. William has done all the body work on my car and his craftsmanship is second to none.

    I drove around looking for a building with nice reflective properties. I think I've found the perfect building. Yes... those are reflections.

    More pics.

    Some peeps have asked me for closeup shots of  my vented hood. Well, here are a couple of pics.

    Hmmmm, who's Z is this?

    Nothing like 2 J-spec Zs side by side.

    Some night shots.

    My new J-spec illuminated center panel.

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