J-spec front fascia install


These are the pictures for the J-spec fascia that we just installed today. Many thanks to Kyle and Yuichi at Strictly Z for the fascia. This fascia was standard on 1999 Nissan Fairlady Z32s in Japan. Too bad these weren't available for the US market, until now. We spent about 2 1/2 hours removing my original fascia and installing the J-spec fascia. Of course, this includes time for sodas, Coronas, and pizza, heh heh heh. If any of you are looking into new fascias, this is definitely the one to get. Also, this is one of the few that are made out of urethane. That means, unlike fiberglass, it won't crack when something impacts it. Another nice thing is the way it integrates well with the custom vented hood that I had fabricated out of the OEM Nissan aluminum hood.

    This is what we started with. My stock OEM fascia.

    First we removed the center nose garnish to expose the four bolts in the center that we will have to eventually remove.

    The next step was to remove the clear corner lenses. For the J-specs you won't need these as you need the 1999 corner lenses.

    The next step is to remove the lower three bolts for the wheel well liners. There are bolts behind here that must be removed.

    Here are some bad pictures of the undertray. You will have to remove the bolts holding the front tray only not the rear one.

    After you remove all the bolts, then you can slide the old fascia away from the rest of the car.

   This is what my car looks like without any fascia. Looks like it got into a barroom brawl. =(

    These are my wimpy looking stock intercoolers. When you install the J-spec fascia, our intercooler ducts won't fit. You will either need to get the J-spec ducts for the stock intercoolers or if you go with Stillen upgraded intercoolers, you need to buy ones from Stillen and modify them. You have to trim them down to fit.

    This is Kyle's 1993 TT with the J-spec on it. Mine will soon look like his...muahahahaha!!!

    These are Stillen intercoolers, notice how much bigger they are than the stock intercoolers above.

    These are pictures of the J-spec vs our OEM fascias side by side.

    The backside of the OEM fascia.

    The backside of the J-spec fascia with center mesh grille in place.


Ta Da!!!!  The finished product. This is definitely one of my favorite modifications to the car. Looks like I am going to get the Stillen door fillers and the SMZ side skirts. I don't know what I am going to do with the back though. Haven't decided yet. Right now, the car looks great as is. She is coming along just the way I had planned in the beginning. Slowly but surely, she is coming together. What is my next mod you say? Heh heh heh, I got the front and rear camber kit on the way as well as the 6 piston AP Racing BAMFBK (Big Ass Mother F@$#ing Brake Kit) brakes. Thanks again to Kyle and Yuichi of Strictly Z for making my car one of their project cars. For more information on pricing and availability, contact them at Strictly Z. There is just no comparison when it comes to price, customer service, and product knowledge in my opinion.

More pictures are available at pics from Z Driver

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