Club Z June Social Before UZW

Red Robin's

Foster City, CA

June 13, 2004



Created: 6/3/2004
Last updated: 6/13/2004

This month we decided to have a little get together before Ultimate Z Weekend starting June 17, 2004. We all had lunch at Red Robin's, talked, and then went out to look at the Zs. It was nice to see a few Zs together in a parking lot on a nice sunny day. Thanks Tasha for organizing the event. Amir and his son Andrew and daughter Mitra showed up as well as Tasha, Glenn, Robbie, Otto, Ron, Jay, Martin, Mike, and myself.

    Here's Amir and Mitra playing pattycake. LOL, that's what fathers have to do when they have daughters.

    The lineup of Z cars. Missed Ron's car because he took off before we could take pictures.

    My TT.

    Glenn's TT.

    Robbie's TT.

    Tasha's TT.

    Otto's TT.

    Newcomer Mike's NA.

    Martin's TT.

    Jay's TT.

    Look what I saw on the freeway. It's a Ford Mustang GT with the tall Cobra GT rear spoiler and Nissan Skyline GT-R badges. Hmmmm, Nissan badges should not ever be on a Ford product.

    Action shots of Glenn's TT on the freeway.

While passing the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, there was a helicopter show. I pulled out my camera and snapped some action shots of a biplane doing stunts for the crowd.


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