California All Datsun/Nissan Sports Car Extravaganza hosted by ZONC
June 23, 2002

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya and several by Paul Cobbs and Dan Mieskalski

Created: 6/23/2002
Last updated: 6/26/2002

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    This month, we traveled to Danville, California to the Blackhawk Auto Museum for the Sports Car Extravaganza hosted by ZONC. This was a special event, not only because we get to share in our love for the Z, but also because Mr. Yutaka Katayama (The Father of the Z and former President of Nissan USA) was going to be there along with a brand new 350Z for everyone to ogle over. Another reason that this day was special was because Club Z would present Mr. K with an Honorary Membership and along with that, he would be our first member, number 300. All other cards would follow from his number. The event promised to be awesome with the prospects of Mr. K signing Z paraphernalia, including, but not limited to: sun visors, glove box doors,  center console covers, steering wheels, books, pamphlets and anything else we could take apart with hand tools. For many people, including myself, this would be my first and possibly only chance to meet the Father himself in person. He had a great bubbling personality and you can see the energy in his eyes. He is a very proud man, and we were all in awe to be in the same room with him, much less shake his hand. Here are some pictures of the event. We apologize for some of the pictures taken in low light conditions.

    President Ted Stokes setting up the Club Z canopy.

    Robbie's TT.

    Joe C's TT.

    Bernie's Best Z32 and Best of Show winning TT.

    Chester's blue 240Z powered by a VG30 motor.

    Kevin's TT.          

    Adam's NA.

    Joe K's TT.                                  

    Ted's TT.

    Jay's TT.                             

    Paul's TT.

    Dave's TT.

    Vince's TT.

    Amir's TT.

    Sarah's TT.

     Ray's NA

    Chuck's NA.

    Tom's NA.

    Carl's race prepped NA.

    Kelan's convertible, but soon to be convertible TT.

    Otto's pristine stock TT.

    Miscellaneous Z32 pics.

    Dan's stock but showroom condition TT.

    Chris' outrageous TT that has won numerous shows in the past.

    The 510 section.

The Roadsters section.

    240Z, 260Z, 280Z section.

    One of the few Z31s in attendance.

    Mr. K being chauffeured in Carolyn Dudley's yellow NA.

    Konichiwa Katayama-san. Father of the Z car.

    Carolyn's heartfelt introduction of Yutaka Katayama.

    Some of the surprise Z cars under wraps.

    Mr. K's yellow 240Z.

    Some Club Z members getting their articles signed by Mr. K.

    Some more lucky people having their stuff signed.

    Ted Stokes, President of Club Z, conferring onto Mr. K, an Honorary member status in Club Z. He is member number 300 and all membership numbers follow chronologically from Mr. K's number.  In turn, Mr. K autographed our Club Z banner and put down the number 300. How appropriate.

    Club Z posing for a Kodak moment with the newly signed banner.

    The awards that were given out. Best: 510, Roadster, 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, Z31, Z32, Best of Show, Longest distance traveled, and Mr. K's choice award.

    The awards ceremony.


    Mr. K's 240Z.

    Bill Halsey's 240Z.

    Outdoor's shots of the 350Z.

    Some of the items that Joe K. had signed by Mr. K.

    Some of the items that Paul had signed by Mr. K

    Cool Nissan steering wheel key chain that was given to all the car show attendees.


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