Club Z's Fun Run
May 18, 2002

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya and Paul Cobbs

Created: 5/23/2002
Last updated: 5/23/2002

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    We finally organized another fun run to take advantage of a beautiful day in the bay area and also to set up a membership drive. The following people showed up: Paul C, Sarah F, Otto G and his friend, Kyle J, Chester J, Chris J, Joe K, Dale M, Kevin N, Darryl O, Robbie R, Ted S, Roy, Mike W, and Jose W. We would like to extend a friendly welcome to our club to new members Thomas C, Sal M, and David T. We set up two meeting locations. The first group met at the El Torito in San Leandro at 9:30. and then arrived at our second location in front of the Scores Restaurant where the rest of the members were waiting. After some much needed java from the local Starbucks, we hit the road at 10:30 AM. After some time spent stewing in traffic on 92, we finally began the trek. We would drive through the beautiful coastal city of Half Moon Bay, head south down Highway 1, through 84 and Woodside Road, and then back onto 280 South for the drive towards Dave and Busters in Milpitas for lunch and some photos. It was a great turnout as we had 21 people show up with 12 TTs, 2 NAs, a 240Z, an Infiniti M30, and an Acura RSX. Hmmmm, how did that last car get in there?

    Joe, Chris, and Jose's cars, Red TT, Blue TT, and RSX respectively.

    Richard's black TT.

    Otto's silver TT.

    Kevin's gray TT.

    Stephen's gray TT. He couldn't drive with us because of car issues. Hope it's fixed soon.

    Roy's NA with new SAS "NOS" Bazoooka tubes.

    Robbie's gray TT.

    Dale's Silver TT.

    Thomas' pearl white TT.

    Darryl's black TT.

    Paul's cherry red pearl TT.

    Ted's cherry red pearl TT.

    Sal's cherry red pearl TT. That must have been the Cherry Red Pearl section. =)

    Sarah's pearl yellow TT.

    Chester's cherry red pearl M30.

    This is the bay area, what can we say. There is traffic on Saturdays too!

   Some pictures of the drive itself down the coast and through the windy wooded roads.

    Cool Mini Cooper on 680.

The line of cars at Dave and Busters. Wish I had a wide angle camera lens.

    The gang after stuffing their faces.


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