San Francisco International Auto Show

San Francisco, CA

November 25, 2004

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya


Created: 11/25/2004
Last updated: 11/25/2004

    As always, what better way to spend a lazy Thanksgiving morning than head out to the San Francisco International Auto Show with some friends. It's always cool to check out the new cars offered by all the manufacturers. You know that you will always get tons of pictures from your local pic whore. ;-)

    A Lamborghini Murcielago greeted patrons as they came down the main escalator into the foyer.

    AC Schnitzer BMW 645 Ci.

    Some modified Mercedes.

    Modified Porsche 996 Twin Turbo.

    Big Brake kit for SUVs.

    Carbon fiber attachment with small video camera inside.

    Very nice PIAA wheel. Check out the lip.

New Acura RL 3.5. This bad boy's got 300 HP, AWD, and all the bells and whistles that you could think of. I was disappointed with the lack of interior room in Acura's flagship luxury sedan though.

    Acura TL Sedan.

    Acura NSX.

    Honda Factory Performance (HFP) modified Civic EX coupe.

    Honda Ridgeline truck prototype.

    Nice Honda outboard motor with VTEC and a turbocharged Honda jet ski.

Interesting looking Hyundai Tiburon with gullwing doors. It kinda reminds me of a Nissan 350Z. This car sported a supercharged Hyundai V6 motor.

    Pontiac Solstice.

    Audi A8L V12 luxury car.

Scion TC modified to the hilt. Check out the size of that plasma monitor in the trunk.


New Toyota Tacoma sport truck that's supposed to outhandle a Nissan 350Z. Engineers picked the 350Z as a prime target. Only thing is that the front end looked kinda strange and the rears needed a set of disc brakes instead of drum brakes. Come on guys, a sport truck should have 4 wheel discs at least.

    Ford GT40.

    Shelby Cobra 427 S/C

    Clean, isn't she?

    Nice Green classic.

    One of the cool classic trucks.

    Another classic truck with a rear fuel cell.

    This Hummer got owned. LOL. Actually, it's a Zap on top of the Hummer and it's powered by a turbocharged 3 cylinder motor making 60 HP.

    Modified Mitsubishi Lancer EVO MR.

    Stock Mitsubishi Lancer EVO MR.

Buick Velite prototype.

    Chevy Nomad prototype.

A real collector. This was a split window Corvette.

Cadillac XLR convertible. I like the two intersecting hood lines.

    Cadillac Sixteen. This 3 ton monster was powered by a 1000 horsepower V-16 and had 1000 lbs of torque.

    CHP Dodge Viper pursuit vehicle.

New Infiniti M45 Concept Vehicle due out in Spring 2005.

    Porsche Carrera GT. Can we say $450,000 +?

    Nissan Altima SE-R.

Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR mega sports car. Check out the engine it has a ram air system that sucks air in through the Mercedes Benz emblem. Cool.

    Maybach ultra $$$ limousine.

Mazda RX8 pace car.

Ford's new GT-40 flagship sports car. You can have this Ferrari beater for the bargain price of $125,000.00. They will make a total of 7000 of these bad boys over a 3 year projected production run.

    This was the only picture I was able to snap of the new Ford Mustang. There were too many peeps surrounding this new car.

Chrysler 300C with the requisite DUB enhancements. Those are 22s on the car. Simply massive.

    Lamborghini Gallardo.

    Lamborghini Murcielago.

    Another Lamorghini Gallardo in an interesting arrest-me orange.

A couple of Ferraris.

A couple of antique cars.

    Honda S2000 powered Toyota Corolla GT-S.

    Nissan S-15 Silvia drift car. This is one of my favorite Nissans besides the Skyline, that never made it to our shores.

    Nissan 240SX S-14 powered by an SR20DET. This was another one of those cool drift cars.

    Lotus Elise.

    Lotus Esprit S4S V8 Twin Turbo.

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