Northern Californa Drift Academy

Drift Event at Altamont Raceway

Livermore, California

May 30, 2004



Created: 5/30/2004
Last updated: 5/30/2004

I was invited by Ernesto aka "Junior" to attend another JDM Theory event. This time, it was being held at Altamont Raceway where the NCDA was holding their drifting event. There were many cars in the track event and the majority of them were Nissan 240SXs in S-13 and S-14 bodies and with everything from stock KA24E, KA24DE, turbocharged KA24DE, and SR20DETs. There were also some 2nd and 3rd generation RX-7s, several Corolla GT-Ses, Toyota Supra, Datsun 240Z, Nissan 350Z, and a Toyota Starlet to name a few. Even a supercharged Mustang was entered in the event. Thanks also goes out to Don and everyone at for holding the event and inviting the models out to the event. 

    Look at the starting line... it consists mostly of 240SXs.


    Some of the drift cars in action. The best way to view these is to save the images to your hard drive and view them as a slide show. My digicam can take bursts of 5 shots in a I did my best to capture the drifting, and spins. LOL.

    V-8 powered monster.

These were some of the cars that came in with JDM Theory.

    Black Scions

    Burgundy Scion

    Nice White Scions.

    The JDM Theory table with Ernesto in charge.

    Nice red turbocharged Acura Integra GS-R.

    Ernesto's turbocharged Acura Integra.

    This yellow Acura Integra GS-R belongs to Alex.

My Z of course.

    Well, what car related show would be complete without beautiful models.... Hmmm, I wonder if I can get them to take a picture with my car?


Wow, these three lovely models were here to represent At first the model assistant was looking to have them take pictures with a Civic. I asked the guy to have them pose with my car instead... and here are the results. Hmmm, my car has not smiled like that before... hmmmm, wait, I haven't smiled like that before. ;-)

    Can you tell that they were having fun?


I think that model in the middle was pretty damned hot, well, for that matter, all three girls were hot. I was sweating after taking these pictures. To think, that I had three lovely beauties take a picture with my car alone with not a Honda in sight.

    Things are well in hand.

    Here they are setting up for the shot.

    Hmmm, how should I pose?

    Wow, I just don't know what to say.

    She is definitely a hottie!


Playful women call for playful photos.

    Well, if you're going to take a picture with my car, the least you can do is take a picture with me, the owner. ;-P

    This guy got jealous and had to get a piece of the action.

    That one girl was a sweetheart. She just didn't want to stop taking pictures.

    I took so many more pictures than the model assistant from

On my way out, the girls had to have an encore.

    Too bad I couldn't take them home with me. I could have used them for the carpool lane. ;-) All kidding aside, thanks to the three beautiful models and the representative from It was a unique opportunity to have photos of beautiful women complimenting my car.

What day could be complete without pictures of the ugliest set of spinners that I have ever seen on a Buick. Blah.

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