Nissan Doctor's Drag Z


    This insanely fast Z31 Drag Z is owned by and meticulously crafted by Chester Joe, owner of ND Auto Care.


    The beast has just been awaken from its slumber.

    The engine bay in all it's glory. Beneath all that plumbing lies a monster motor. It consists of a Z31 block, forged Z32 TT pistons, Z32 TT cranks Z32 TT rods,  Z32 TT rings, Z31 T rings and...... Electromotive Tec-II controller.

    The massive Turbonetics T6 turbo.

    The interior has been gutted to remove unnecessary weight. A full safety roll cage has been installed along with a full complement of Auto Meter gauges so that the pilot.... er... driver knows exactly what the engine is doing and how it is performing. In addition to the gauges, the fuel injection system is controlled with an Electromotive Tec II computer controller. It offers datalogging capabilities and can be tuned on the fly with a laptop.

    The incoming air is cooled by an air to water intercooler. The ice water is stored in an igloo cooler in the driver compartment.

    Another one of Chester's projects. This is a 240Z with a Z31 normally aspirated motor. The interior was redone with the following premise: keep the original Z's look in mind while tastefully redoing some minor details.

1) Engine mods: z32tt pistons, rod, and rings, z31t bearings. Cylinder head: ported, oversize intake & exhaust valves, stainless steel (Ferree) valves, Nissan comp steel head gaskets, larger throttle body.

2) Turbocharger: Turbonetics T6, race gate, spearco water to air intercooler, boost running at 22psi. Greddy Profec controller.

3) Engine Management: Electromotive Tec II with on board data log, Paxton fuel pump & regulator at constant 50psi, air fuel ratio 12.5 to 1, rc 550 injectors.

4) Drivetrain: Borg-Warner T5 transmission, B&M shifter, act 4 puck solid clutch disc, lightened flywheel, r200 differential 4:11 Nissan comp gears, locked carrier, cryogenics threaded stub axles, tokico springs and extended rear bump stops, KYB shocks, Welds Prostar drag wheels, Hoosier slicks, Moroso front tires.

5) Engine Tuner: Victor Sias, at,  Electromotive Dealer & Tuner (programmed engine management).

6) Dyno Jet: 32 runs on the dyno with data acquisition, producing 450+ engine horse power at 7,000 rpm. easy 11s et. With some more tuning, will hit 10s in the 1/4 mile soon


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