Nissan Fest at Thousand Oaks Nissan

Sponsored by Fresh Alloy Forums

Thousand Oaks, California

May 8, 2004


Created: 5/8/2004
Last updated: 5/8/2004

Glenn, Jason, Sinat, and I decided to go to the Nissan Fest at Thousand Oaks Nissan. It was held by Fresh Alloy Forums and served as their first social event. It was nice to see some of the moderators, founding members, and other members with their Nissan vehicles. The 350Z was very well represented. Stillen brought several of their company cars as well as displayed some of their product offerings. Nissan of North America brought an R-Tune 350Z and an R-Tune Altima.

    Saw this nice Twin Turbo Z on the 101 before we exited.

My Twin Turbo Z parked front row center next to Ben's 350Z Twin Turbo


Ben's awesome show winning Power Enterprises sponsored Twin Turbo 350Z with Gullwing doors and insane multimedia system. This is a track model with the NAVI system as well. He definitely likes carbon fiber.

    Stillen lime green Altima which used to be orange.

    Stillen's supercharged 350Z.

    Stillen's Maxima with a ton of suspension modfications.

    Stillen's modified SE-R V-spec.

    Nissan's factory R-tune 350Z.

    Nissan's factory R-tune Altima SE.

    Nice red 350Z. Check out the lip on the rear wheels.

    Convertible 350Z.

    Nice silver 350Z.

Vertex sponsored 350Z. This car has also won awards at various car shows. This guy makes 310.7 RWHP. This is all-motor power with no forced induction.

Here's some pics of My car, Glenn's and Jason's in front of our hotel.

    My chrome gauge rings and gauges in action.


Check out these cool pictures from the scenery on Highway 101. We drove to San Francisco from Thousand Oaks on the 101.

    Now that's a spoiler.

Jason's S-13 coupe in action.

    Where the Sesame Street gang hang out?

    Cool dune buggy.

    I've always wanted pictures of my car's reflection off of a tanker truck.

    Can we get any more screwed? $2.57 per gallon for super unleaded. It might hit $3.00 by Memorial Day weekend.

    I I guess the gas prices won't bother the driver of this Hummer H2 limousine.

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