New Koyo High Performance Aluminum Radiator


Created: 5/4/2004
Last updated: 5/4/2004

I need to thank Coz at Concept Z Performance. As usual, he carries great performance and OEM items for my Twin Turbo Z at very competitive prices. His customer service and speed of shipping is second to none. If you have shopped anywhere else for Z parts, look no more, because Coz has the best prices anywhere.

    Look what UPS shipped today from Coz! Boxes are awesome when they are addressed to you, aren't they?

    If you haven't figured out what Koyo makes and you didn't pay attention to the page title...

    It's my new high performance Koyo Radiator. Just look at that beautiful aluminum finish. Another shiny addition to my engine bay. This bad boy should last the life of my car... which I hope will be a long and dependable one.

    I also ordered this from Coz. It's his new chrome plated Koyo radiator bracket. This piece had a mirror finished chrome plating and it works so much better with my Koyo than the stock black radiator brackets.

    I had this Stillen lower radiator pipe from over a year ago and now I finally have the opportunity to install it.

    This is what my stock radiator looks like and what my engine bay looked like with the stocker.

    This is the Koyo radiator installed with my carbon fiber radiator guide. Just look how much thicker the Koyo is than the stock radiator.

    Just look at the absolutely flawless finish on this radiator bracket. You can see a perfect mirror image reflection of my digicam. I made sure that you can only see my hand and not my face. I wouldn't want to give anyone a nightmare or two.

    My new Nismo higher pressure radiator cap. My old one was rated at 0.9 kg/cm2 whereas my new one is rated at 1.3 kg/cm2.

    Here's the finished product complimenting my engine bay. You can see that I changed out my nasty blue boost gauge hose near the firewall to red as well as some other ones in my engine bay.

    I think my car is smiling now. No more high temperatures for my baby.

    I wanted to get an upgraded radiator because on two separate occasions, under high load conditions and very hot days, my car began to run very hot. My temperature needle would always sit below the middle of the gauge but during these two separate times, the needle came very close to the maximum temperature reading. I knew it was time to upgrade. This will be a welcome addition for track use as well.

    Thanks again to Coz as he is the man. Please check out his website at . Special thanks to Chester, Jay, and Tommy at ND Auto for installing my radiator and always going the extra mile to take care of me and my car. Please check them out at: . I can't wait to see how this setup handles high temperatures and high loads. 


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