April 3, 2004


Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Convention Center

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya

Oh, no, the severed Head strikes again!!!

Created: 4/3/2004

What better way for a gearhead/ automotive enthusiast to spend a Saturday in Southern California than to hang out with the vendors at the Specialty Equipment Makers Associations International Auto Salon. Say that fast ten times. We went in at 10 AM, 2 hours before the general public was allowed in to look at all the new trends, new parts, new technologies, and future innovations. There were too many cars to take pictures of some nice, some rice. Most of the sport compact car vendors were there in force peddling their wares. Of course, there were the women. Come on guys, not to offend the ladies out there, but how else to get the race driver in us motivated than to see beautiful women posing in front of awesome fossil fuel combusting 4 wheeled dream machines. BF Goodrich also had a small autocross course set up in a parking lot behind the convention center. They had 3 vehicles for us to burn rubber around the course-- a Nissan 350Z Enthusiast model with automatic transmission, a Subaru WRX STi 6 speed manual, and an Acura RSX Type S 6 speed. We compared the newest BFGs with a comparable set from Dunlop. The difference was definitely pronounced when taking the cars around the course. They had a set of BFGs on one car and then the Dunlops on it's twin for comparison. All in all, it was a great time and I just can't wait for SEMA in Las Vegas this coming November. Enjoy the pictures.

    This is the view from the top of the escalator down towards the lobby of the Convention Center.

    The view into the main exhibition area from outside the glass doors.

    Ferrari Enzo that belongs to the owner of West Coast Customs in Manhattan Beach. This is one of two that he owns. He also owns a yellow one. It must be nice to be rich.

Nissan Skylines

    Signal Auto sponsored R-34

Nissan 350Zs

    Endless' sponsored 350Z.

Infiniti G-35 Coupes


Nissan 240SXs and Silvias

Datsun 510s

    John Morton's BRE Datsun 510 championship racer. It was trailered by a new Nissan Armada with matching paint scheme.

Acura NSXs

Honda S2000s

    Adam Saruwatari's S&L racing Drag NSX

Other Hondas and Acuras

    Nice paint job on Honda Prelude.

    Chrome whore to the max.

Other Cars

    Someone forgot to remove the car cover, or, it's some secret rice project.


    One of many Cadillac Escalades.

    Audi TT.

    Subaru STi.

    Lexus IS300.

    Dodge Durango.

    Another Cadillac Escalade with spinning rims. Hey wait, it's the infamous severed head. How did he get into the picture?

    Pontiac Sunfire.

    Mercedes Benz CL 430.

    Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder on airbags.

    Dodge Viper.

    One of many Scion Xbs.

    Chrysler PT Cruiser.

    Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR-4.

    Mazda RX-7 3-rotor turbo.

    BMW M3.

    Dodge Viper powered Ram SRT-10 .

    Nissan Titan truck on airbags.

    Lotus Elise.

    Flared out Supra with wrong-sized tires IMHO.

    Another Supra's engine bay. Unfortunately my exterior pictures came out blurry.

    Mazda RX-8.

    Awesome interior in this Nissan Armada SUV. I want those seats.

    Ferrari 360 Modena.

    Aston Martin DB-7.

Lamborghini Murcielago.

    Rhys Millen's Pontiac sponsored GTO drift car. I was lucky enough to see and hear this beast in action at the D-1 drift event last month. Go check out my coverage on the D-1 event. The funny thing about this car was that it had some Japanese parts installed as well.

    Subaru STi.

Shaquille O'neill's personal cars.

    Shaq's Escalade that is now owned by DUB magazine. .

    Shaq's Hummer H2.

    Shaq's custom Rolls Royce.


    Aftermarket camber adjusters.

    Stainless steel exhaust products, etc.

    Some seats available from Recaro.

    Two of Fluidyne's offerings.

    Endless vendor booth.

    HKS tuned Time Attack Mitsubishi Lancer EVO. It's got some awesome bodywork.

    HKS SR20DET race motor.

    Some of Enkei's rim offerings. Guess which one are my wheels.

   HKS S-15 dashboard demo. Check out the 6 speed HKS sequential transmission. It has an MSRP of $20,000.00.

    Nismo booth.

Of course, no car show is complete without beautiful models. =)

    Smile, you are on candid camera. ;-)

    The Nismo girls.

    The BF Goodrich Girl. She was my personal favorite in the show.

    She wasn't one of the models. She went to the show with her boyfriend. I didn't know so I snapped some pictures. I found out later that she was just there for some pictures. I hope her boyfriend wasn't mad at me. Just remember, if you pose on a car like a model, we are going to take pictures of you like you we would for a model.

    The girl in green was one of the Tein girls.

    Yours truly hamming it up in front of the camera. Of course, I couldn't leave the show without getting a couple of pictures with some of the models.


    Kevin (from the infamous "severed head" series).

    I would have to say that I got the severed head's seal of approval for SEMA. Look out Las Vegas, we'll be there in November... Viva Las Vegas.

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