SE-R Convention Car Show

Nissan of North America Headquarters

Torrance, California

May 23, 2004



Created: 5/23/2004
Last updated: 5/23/2004

This weekend, I was down in SoCal with my sister to attend my Aunt's funeral. We stayed at a hotel in Arcadia which just so happens to be next door to the hotel where the SE-R convention attendees were staying. Glenn and Mike were there and told me to hang out with them for the rest of the Convention events. Thanks Glenn and Mike for making the rest of our weekend after the funeral enjoyable. Wouldn't know what to do without you guys.

Sunday, there was an SE-R show and shine at the Nissan Headquarters in Torrance. Here are some pictures from the event.

    Side pipes on an SE-R. This thing was louder than stink. I could feel things rattling inside my skull when the owner revved up the motor.

    Mike Kojima's butt socks.

Trophy cases with some of the awards garnered by Nissan from various car magazines and industry professionals.

    Convertibles inside Nissan's front lobby.

    Altima R-tune

    Sentra SE-R V-Spec

    Nice reflection. ;-)

    R-Tune 350Z

    The parking lot at Nissan Headquarters.

    Cool reflection from the windows of the Nissan Headquarters. You can see my car in the reflection. Very cool indeed.

    My TT.

    Mike W's B-13 Sentra SE-R

    Glenn's awesome SR20DET powered 240SR.

    Craig's clean SR20DET powered 510 that won best of show.

    SR20DET powered 240SX.

    Chromallusion SE-R.

    Skyline R-32. No introduction needed.

    Mike Kojima hard at work on his race car.

    Turbocharged B-12 Sentra SR20DET.

    All taped up and ready for the trip home to San Francisco from SoCal.

    Z that I spotted while driving through the Grapevine.

    Fun with the sideview mirrors.


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