All Datsun/Nissan Weekend at Thunderhill Raceway and Mt. Shasta July 14-17, 2005

Created: 7/18/2005
Last updated: 7/19/2005

Here are pictures from Day 3. Last night, Salah installed his new chrome hard pipes and I washed and waxed my car in preparation for the car show. I got in line at about 6:30 AM and waited for my parking spot in the show. Here are some pictures of some very beautiful Datsuns and Nissans.

    Shots of all the cars and all the peeps.

    Chillin' under my EZ-up canopy.

    Could that be? Yes... it.... yes it is... that's Kevin Neely's Car. Mr. Severed head himself. He got his 510 up and running and boy did it make an entrance. This bad boy won best interior and also best of show. Now, because of his win, his head has swelled up so much that he has to enter his house from the garage door and he puts his head in the guest room and the rest of his body in the bedroom. Good job Kev. All those sleepless nights, constant bitching, stress, and swearing fits, have paid off in a one of a kind machine. You deserve that win.

    On the left is Kevin's newly completed 510 and on the right is his previous SR20DET powered 510 (Billie Jean). If you remember, his old car used to be a dark blue.

Mario's awesome SR20DET powered 510. It's got a stroker 2.2 liter SR. If you think he looks familiar, you're right. It's my buddy Mario from Monster Garage fame. He was one of the build member instrumental in building the drift B210.

    My TT that won best Z32.

    Salah's "Pristine" TT.

    Salah's car and my car together.

    Craig's track prepped TT.

    Donna's 350Z Twin Turbo.

    Rob's RB25DET powered 240Z that won best 240Z.

    Nice 240Z with a Corvette LS-1 conversion.

    Mark's KA powered 510.

    Danny's SR20DET powered 510.

    Lynette's bright 510.

    These pictures are interesting because of the reflection of Lynette's car. How could you miss that bright color?

    Veronica's SR20DET powered 510.

    Awesome 510 wagon powered by a single turbo Supra motor.

    240SX section.

    Turbocharged Sentra SE-R.

The SR powered 510 section.

    The 240Z Section.

    KA powered 510s.

    VG30 powered 510s.

    VG30DETT powered 510.

    Other 510s.


    The 350 Z section.

    510 wagons.

    Bone Stock 510s.

    The Under Construction Section.

    Race prepped Datsuns.

    Datsun Patrols.

Special interest Datsuns.

    JDM Datsun Bluebird Coupe.


Day 3 Autocross pictures

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