Replacing T-Bolt Clamps


Created: 5/1/2004
Last updated: 5/1/2004

I got my chrome hard pipes and chrome Blitz blow off valve pipes a while ago but I could not find T-bolt clamps in the 213 mm size. I looked far and wide for them, online and locally but couldn't find them. Several months ago, I was able to procure 12 of them from my friend Scott Smith. I finally took the time to install them at Glenn's house. It looks easy, but it was difficult to squeeze some of them between the pipes. I was finally able to remove the ugly stock clamps with these T-bolts.

    The circled ones are the new ones. Now all of the clamps are matching.

    Close up pictures.

    Wide angle shots of the finished product.

    What's that? Well, I was trying to start changing out some of my black and blue hoses over to red ones. I'm gonna change some more but I'm not gonna go too crazy, otherwise, my engine bay will look like it's crawling with red snakes. I'll post some more pictures later.


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