Club Z Day at Treasure Island




Several of us gathered to enjoy a nice day outdoors and check out some awesome Car stereos that some members had. Of course, this also presented an opportunity to share war stories... =). Paul organized this event so the pictures shown here are from him and myself.




    Pictures of those members that showed up. This was a perfect place to take pictures because of the view of the SF skyline.


    Some stereo systems


    Andrew's 2+2 TT conversion.... VERY SWEET.


    Dennis getting mobbed by members wanting to buy the new Club Z Sticker.


    We parked our cars on the other side of the island to watch the Ferrari Club's Autocross event.


    Some Ferraris tearing through the course. The smaller 328 posted better laptimes than the larger Testarossa and the converitble F355. Power isn't everything, nimbleness and agility is the name of the game.


    Ferrari Testarossa


    Ferrari 328, anyone seen Tom Selleck? We couldn't find him.


    Rare convertible F355. This is a daily driver. If could afford an awesome exotic like this one, I would drive it everyday.


    The end of the day. Last chance for group photos before we all head home. Another great turnout, thanks Paul for organizing everything.


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