Club Z Ultimate Z Weekend

Motorsport Z Car Nationals

Orange, CA

April 22-24, 2005

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya


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Created: 4/24/2005
Last updated: 4/26/2005

Today, we hung out at Mike Kojima's house to detail our cars and just hang out with Mike. What better way for a Z aficionado to spend a lazy Saturday than to hang out with the Z guru himself. In case you didn't know, Mike is the owner and builder of Project Z that is featured in Sport Compact Car. He is also an engineer for Nissan Motorsports and previously with Nissan the parent company. He knows his "stuff."

    Parked in front of Super Autobacs.

    Glenn's TT.

    Yuichi's 350Z with new custom fabriated fiberglass hood with vents.

    Chuck hard at work cleaning his TT. Chuck, if you clean any more, you might take some paint off. ;-)

    Yours truly pic whoring again.

    Mike's fully built Nissan Pathfinder. Mike figured that the Pathfinder was down on power and torque so what better way to remedy that shortcoming than to have the motor completely built from the oil pan up. This car has lots oomph. Yes, those are Volk Racing wheels. I never knew they made these for SUVs. These were custom made.

Mike's neighbors house. Hmmmm, they have a Lancer EVO 8, a JDM right hand drive Lancer EVO 5, Adam Saruwatari's sapphire blue TT, a JDM right hand drive Silvia, a 2005 Infiniti G35 coupe, and many other cars. It must be nice to have all the toys. They can join the Infiniti club, the Mitsubishi club, EVO club, Silvia club, Club Z, etc...... In case you're wondering, the Silvia and the EVO 5 are street legal. Don't ask me how they got it legalized. If you've got the means and the money, anything's possible.

Some shots at the Citrus Cafe before the Motorsport Dinner Banquet.

    Some of the Club Z peeps.

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