Club Z's May Social Meet
May 3, 2002

Ultimate Z Weekend

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya, Benson Chan, and Robbie Romano

Created: 5/08/2002
Last updated: 5/08/2002

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    Well everyone, the much anticipated Ultimate Z Weekend has come and gone.  We spent three exciting days in Southern California enjoying the caravanning, the weather, the socializing, and most importantly, sharing in our passion-- our passion for the Z. We had another large turnout for UZW: Amir A, Benson C, Armand D, Nicole D, Sarah F,  Otto G, Kyle J, Chris J, Joe K, Yuichi K, Robert M, Justin M, Dale M, Kevin N, Darryl O, Mike P, Robbie R and his wife, Chuck S, Todd S, Roy T, Maya W, and Jose W. Along the way, some more members and friends joined us: Dennis E, Ray G, Ron H, Chester J, David J, Vince K, Glenn N, Rex T, and Vernon. All told, we had 20 Zs at the car show and 2 people who had to leave because of extenuating circumstances. I apologize if I failed to mention anyone else.

    Mostly everyone arrived at the meet area on time. We were able to take this opportunity to take membership dues. For those of you who don't know, the members of the Board of directors/governing council have been meeting weekly to make this club official. We have ironed out by-laws, insurance, and other club issues. Can you believe it, we are official now! We were fully insured for the drive to and from SoCal and also for the various activities planned. For more information, please check it out at .


    Pictures of the participants who showed up at the Starbucks in Pleasanton

      Some pictures of the drive down the 5.

    This was our first refueling stop. As you can see, this was probably the most excitement that the residents of this small town had seen in a while. As far as the eye could see, every parking space, every nook and cranny was taken up by a Z.

    Nicole trying to find the perfect spot to park her car in.

    Hi Maya, she promises that she will have a TT by the next UZW. Time to step over to the darkside.

    Hey Mike, was that a thumbs up, or the universal finger gesture?

    Chuck, Chris, and his sister.

    Sarah leading the pack out of the gas station.

    Kyle's pristine 93 TT with a 99 J-spec fascia installed.

    Kyle's other Z, a 1970 240Z.


   We stopped off for lunch at our favorite haunt in Buttonwillow. The Willow Ranch BBQ. A great place to eat.

    Smile Mike and Benson.

    Maya, Nicole, Joe, Kevin, Chuck, and Todd.

    Justin, Rosie, Robbie, and Otto.

    Sarah, Antoinette, Armand, Amir, Darryl, Dale, Matt, Matt's wife, and Yuichi.

    Mike, Benson, Chris, Chris' sister, Roy, and Jose.

    Kyle, wake up!!! He must have been all night preparing not one, but TWO cars for the trip.

    After negotiating the horrendous traffic in SoCal, namely the 5, we arrived at JIC Magic. They graciously invited us to visit their showroom and service area. They are well known in Japan for custom suspension components, engine upgrades, and engine tuning. Special thanks to Terry for the introduction and history of JIC and also for the tour of the facilities. Here, you will see some of the custom work currently in progress. Ryan, aka SeedyRom and Dean aka Spongerider from SoCal and also Ron from NorCal joined us here.

    This is a J-spec Z32TT right hand drive undergoing extensive upgrades.

    Beautiful Magenta Nissan Skyline R32

    Normally aspirated 240SX.

    Beautiful red 240Z turbo. Check out the custom carbon fiber intake manifold. The attention to detail was astonishing.

    Here you can see what they are famous for-- their custom suspension pieces. This was on the 240SX.

    This was a custom Mazda Protege Drag Car. That's right, it's a four door sedan with a massaged four cylinder. Don't forget the large turbo strapped to the front of the car. Terry told us that this bad boy is so loud, everytime they crank it up, the businesses around start complaining of the noise levels.

    JIC Magic built Honda Civic Turbo. Aside from the requisite engine modifications, it had a Porsche brake conversion kit installed.

    The famous Z that was in an issue of Turbo Magazine. This car is for sale by the way, so please contact JIC for more details.

    Last but not least, a 911 turbo race car currently being worked on.

    Some of the cars in attendance parked at JIC Magic.

    After we left JIC Magic and negotiated the traffic (I think there is a common underlying theme here), we spent some time at Mike Kojima's house then checked into our hotel-- the Courtyard Marriott in Santa Ana. We had a chance to check in and then had dinner at Claim Jumpers. After a couple of beers at the hotel and shooting the breeze at the hot tub, we went to bed. We had a pretty busy day planned for Saturday, Stillen, Steve Christiansen's shop SMC, and then Mike Kojima's house.

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