1st Annual Z's By The Bay Car Show
August 4, 2002

Written by Joseph Keawkalaya
Images provided by Joseph Keawkalaya.

Created: 8/4/2002
Last updated: 8/9/2002

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    This month's Club event was the much anticipated and heavily hyped Z's By The Bay Car Show sponsored by Club Z, Z Driver, and Strictly Z. This was the inaugural show that was the result of months of planning, late night planning sessions, nail biting deadlines, and the help of many dedicated volunteers who gave up their time to put on a great show. Nissan showed support for our show by bringing by 2 350Zs for display. An awesome last minute addition to the show was the announcement that Mr. K would honor us with his presence at the show. For those of you who do not know who Mr. Yutaka Katayama is, he was the president of Nissan North America who was responsible for bringing over the original 240Z to America. Because of his dedication to the development and manufacture of the car, he has been called, the "Father of the Z Car."  Along with Mr. K and his entourage, Sam Mitani, writer and editor for Road and Track Magazine was on hand along with another 350Z. All told, how much more perfect could the day be with Mr. K and his entourage, 3 350Zs, and coverage by Road and Track Magazine?

    The day started bright and early at 8 AM when Paul Cobbs, my friend Angela,  and myself drove down to Monterey, California to meet Mr. K and his entourage. Our duties this bright and early on an overcast Sunday morning was to escort Mr. K and the 350Zs up to  Fremont, CA to the car show location. What better way to enjoy the drive than to take the group through the beautiful and scenic 17 mile drive that snakes through Pebble Beach. This drive provided the perfect scenery and locale to show off the beautiful curves of the new Nissan 350Z and to see how well it delivers its ample 287 horsepower to the pavement and carves through the corners with blazing agility.

    The first thing that we saw when we pulled into the Hyatt's parking lot was Mr. K sitting on the bench with his camera at hand, ready for the day's festivities.

    My car on the left and Paul's car on the right waiting patiently to pass the automotive torch to the new 350Zs and escort them to the show.

    The 350Zs in front of the hotel, warmed up and ready for the drive ahead.

    Carving through the 17 mile drive with the caravan.

    Katayama-san enjoying the ride and the scenery.

    The photographer, caught in action.

    Mr. K and Sam Mitani of Road and Track fame.

    Our two Z32s. They seem to be enjoying the attention given by the passers-by drawn by the 350Zs.

    Our second stop on the 17 mile drive in front of "The Lone Cypress"

    Mr. K double checking his camera footage.

    Yours truly with Mr. K.

    Paul with Mr. K.

    Garnering attention during a refueling stop at Seaside, California.

    Johnnie Gable, Mr. K's secretary of many years, behind the wheel of the 350Z. You would be hard pressed to wrench the keys from her hands. She drove this particular one up to Monterey from San Diego. That must have been a great drive.

    Johnnie and Mr. Yukawa who heads up the research, development, and distribution of the 350Z in North America.

    The grand entrance as we pull into the car show.


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