Hot August Nights

Reno, Nevada

August 6, 2005




Created: 8/6/2005
Last updated: 8/11/2005

This past weekend, I decided to head up to Reno to hang out for Hot August Nights. Every other year that I have tried, I have been unable to get a hotel room during this time. This year was different. I stayed at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino, like I usually do. They were very generous in getting me a room this time. My hat goes off to them. There is nothing like seeing old school hot rods up close and personal. There were flames, flames, and more flames to be seen. There were cars with chrome, louvers, mirrors, wild paint schemes, wild interiors, big motors, forced induction, big wheels and tires, old school, new school, and old school with a new school flavor. To quote the age old cliche.... "a picture is worth a thousand words." So without further adieu.... on to the pictures...

    Some cars still rolling into the show.

    A genuine, honest to goodness Shelby Cobra.

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